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Bogdan Pop

Investment Performance and Reporting Analyst

About me

I am an ambitious, motivated, and performance-driven MSc graduate with a proven ability to ‘think outside the box’ in identifying problems and implementing innovative solutions. I gained multiple skills during my work experiences, but more importantly, I developed the right mindset that helps me to complete the job or project.

I always deliver what I promise, and take responsibility and accountability. Working for large financial institutions made me realise how important customer relationship is, client focus, commitment, being honest and having a strong work ethic.

I have a strong interest in the Asset Management industry and I am IMC qualified. I am passionate about digital technologies and automotive industry, and in particular in the development of driverless cars. The title of my MSc dissertation project was: "The Implications of Driverless Cars on the UK Insurance Industry", a subject which I find very exciting.

A personal graduate profile published by Bangor University provides a testimony of my commitments and skills to achieve results.


"Swim, don't float"


Work Experience

3 October 2016 - Present

Investment Performance and Reporting Analyst 

Architas, London, United Kingdom

• Responsible for the output and coordination of investment performance and client reporting across the Investment team, and ensure all governance requirements are met.
• Create bespoke content and analyses as required for investment committees and for investment performance, research, and client reporting purposes.
• Work closely with investment managers to provide investment research and asset class analysis, performance reporting, and detailed fund analysis and insight.
• Produce detailed fixed income and equity look through analyses of the underlying funds that form the fund of funds the investment team manages.
• Set up and participate in research meetings with fund managers, and draft meeting notes to support fund and asset class research, with a focus on Alternatives and Emerging Market equities.
• Monitor the performance of the funds and peer groups, and create insightful reports and performance measurement including attribution and portfolio risk.
• Automate data collection and presentation, and maintain excel databases using VBA to support the quantitative analytics for the investment advisory business.
• Perform market and sector research and review existing analysis to help identify potential funds for investment purposes.  

3 May 2016 - 30 September 2016

Fund Governance & Oversight Analyst

AXA Wealth, London and Basingstoke, United Kingdom

I joined Fund Governance & Oversight team in AXA Wealth for my second placement in the Business Leaders Graduate Programme.

• Conducted analyses on performance of AXA Wealth non-tailored selection funds, resulting in an enhanced fund governance and oversight process, increased operational efficiencies, and cost reductions. This led to a repeatable closure process for non performing funds which included recommendations of potential replacement funds.

• Reviewed and improved a monthly fund reporting process by developing a new macro enabled Excel database, resulted in enhanced fund governance and reporting process.
• Implemented a new automated process to perform Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM) cash reconciliations with the internal records. This led to significant time-saving benefits and more efficient governance and reporting process.

1 September 2015 - 29 April 2016

Market Research Analyst

AXA Wealth, Basingstoke, United Kingdom

I joined the Business Leaders Graduate Programme within AXA Wealth. This is a two-year programme consisting of three eight-month placements. Some of the work I delivered included:

• Analysed website performance, MI data, and customer feedback. Provided recommendations to improve the customer experience and journeys on AXA Wealth website, leading to an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction.

• Conducted multiple surveys and implemented a quarterly website survey to analyse the user experience on the website. Provided recommendations on how to improve the user experience and worked closely with multiple teams across the business to implement and deliver the improvements.

• Analysed website videos performance, provided recommendation on producing more engaging videos, and implemented a new video upload process.

1 June 2015 - 31 August 2015

Associate Consultant

Structure Talent (internship at boutique management consultancy firm), London, United Kingdom

During my internship, I worked on consultancy projects with a number a clients including a leading European financial institution. I interacted with key senior executives to conduct stakeholder interviews; wrote up interview notes and prepared reports to help clients structure and prioritise immediate challenges. Understood the customer market and business sector to provide appropriate advice.

I assisted with project implementation including the co-ordination and execution of project tasks to ensure timely delivery. Researched industry and markets in preparation for report creation. Advised client of the best way to design a survey in order to collect relevant data. Analysed multiple survey data in order to understand the current issues the client was facing, and find solutions to improve their processes.

I developed relationships with team members. Helped team to discover appropriate tools and methods to deliver excellent outcome. Acted as ‘go to’ person for new tools and updated all team members on progress of project status.

1 August 2013 - 27 September 2013

Internship in Risk Management Division

Banca Transilvania, Cluj Napoca, Romania

At Banca Transilvania, the second-largest financial institution in Romania, I identified the level of risk of different corporate credit applications, letters of guarantee, extensions of working capital lines, and factoring services of the contracts and credit proposals received from domestic branches. The analysis that I undertook included liquidity and solvency risk, capital structure risk, income/cash flow risk, guarantees risk, default risk, market risk or environmental risk. I evaluated the credit risk by analysing the companies' financials, due diligence memos, guarantees structure, expansion strategy, investment opportunities, industry and market research and legal aspects. I took into consideration the company's overall credit exposure, repayment capacity, and most important, the efficient use of the bank's capital. I formulated opinions on the companies' repayment capacity and created reports, which I presented to senior management.

I participated in meetings and group projects that analysed firms with high level of credit risk. We created options to reduce the company's overall credit exposure. I gained experience of how to deal with unexpected situations by considering all the angles and coming up with the best solutions and developed my analytical thinking, attention to detail, and tenacity skills.

"During the internship, Bogdan demonstrated that he has all the skills necessary to correctly identify, analyse and measure the credit risk faced by the bank."

Gabriela Lalut, Deputy Risk Manager, Risk Management Division, Banca Transilvania

1 July 2013 - 31 July 2013

Internship in Corporate Investment Banking & Private Banking Division

UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Cluj Napoca, Romania

I analysed company performance evaluations. I employed various statistical and financial measures, as well as industry and market research, in order to forecast future trends, and analysed the creditworthiness of clients. I created detailed financial predictions using complex financial models, cash flows analysis, balance sheets, or profit and loss statements, to evaluate the companies' financials and repayment strengths. The risk scenarios supported the decision regarding to the investment credit offer terms. I communicated, interacted and dealt with colleagues, and managed to complete a team project within time limit and above expectations.

I developed relationships with clients, negotiated and established win-win situations in order to sell a product or service, and gave advice on which financial products would be most suited to their business needs. I improved my critical thinking by employing business analysis, proved communication and negotiation skills while dealing with clients, and developed my team working and leadership abilities.

"Bogdan proved to be involved, analytical, with a good sense of observation, and interested in complex transactions. He is motivated to succeed in everything he does."

Stanca Stincel, Cluj Branch Manager, Corporate Investment Banking & Private Banking, UniCredit Tiriac Bank

February, 2013 - September, 2013

Freelancer in Web Design

Website Developer

I developed and updated websites for companies in Romania, and worked successfully under pressure and with tight deadlines, delivering all projects in time. I learnt the importance of time management and being organised. In some cases, I managed to increase the website traffic by 180% in 6 months through efficient website SEO management. Moreover, in one particular case, one client told me after one year, that currently more than 50% of his clients found him through the website I developed.

I developed my communication, presentation and negotiation skills by establishing contacts, and negotiating contracts with my clients. In addition, I proved innovative thinking and shown high levels of creativity.

18 July 2012 - 18 September 2012

Work placement in E-Banking, E-Delivery Channels Division

Banca Transilvania, Cluj Napoca, Romania

At E-Delivery Channels Division at Banca Transilvania, second-largest financial institution in Romania, I contributed to the improvement and development of the online banking service. I built the online help section, used by all internet-banking customers. It was a long process and full of unexpected problems, which I was able to resolve. One of the main concerns was to find the problems that customers might face, and offer them the most straightforward solutions. This project helped me to develop my critical thinking and analytical skills, as I had to predict customers’ needs and suit my solutions accordingly. Moreover, I developed communication skills as I collaborated closely with other divisions within the bank.

In addition, I was involved in the customer definition process and database update, and used various banking and database management software applications. I identified opportunities to improve the electronic services, especially the online banking application, according to customers’ needs and market analysis. I provided support to identify errors and worked collaboratively with the IT department in order to correct them. Therefore, I have accumulated knowledge on how to manage a large project and how to build good relationships with different divisions within the organisation.

"In the workplace program, Bogdan was very active and involved. He was interested to know and understand the whole activity flow and he performed his tasks over expectations."

Marius Flore, Head of E-Delivery Channels Division, Banca Transilvania

18 June 2012 - 17 July 2012

Internship in Settlements Division

Banca Transilvania, Cluj Napoca, Romania

During the time I was intern in the Settlements Division, my job was to understand the settlement process of both on a national and an international scale trading, and then apply this concepts near an experienced employee. My primary focus was on the international settlement process, therefore gained a good understanding of SWIFT's standards.

I developed my communication and team-working skills while monitoring the entire international settlement process and resolving communication issues between Banca Transilvania and correspondent banks around the world.




Investment Management Certificate (IMC)


2014 – 2015

Cass Business School, City University London, United Kingdom

MSc Insurance and Risk Management

Dissertation title: "The Implications of Driverless Cars on the UK Insurance Industry"

Some modules taken include:


• Theory of Risk and Insurance Markets
• Risk Management
• Principles of Finance and Financial Analysis
• Insurance Law and Regulation
• Accounting and Financial Management in Insurance
• Business Organisation and Corporate Strategy in Insurance & Financial Services
• General Insurance
• Risk Analysis and Modelling

2011 – 2014

Bangor University, Wales, United Kingdom

BSc Management with Banking and Finance

Graduated with First Class Degree

Some modules taken include:


• Corporate Risk Management
• Advanced Corporate Finance
• Financial Economics
• Business Economics
• Investments
• Comparative Banking
• International Banking
• Strategic Management
• Business Information Systems


I participated in various competitions and challenges from which I gained experience and which helped me to develop my skills. I decided to participate in these challenges and activities because I enjoy doing teamwork projects and being part of a team. I consider that only by taking part in as many competitions and activities you can improve your knowledge, skills and performance, and gain precious experience. I always try to utilise my time as efficient as possible and engage in as many projects or activities I can, as from each of them I learn something valuable.

A personal graduate profile published by Bangor University provides a testimony of my commitments and skills to achieve results.

May, 2014

Santander-Universities 'Excellence in Enterprise' Award

I have been awarded with the Santander Universities 'Excellence in Enterprise' Award as recognition of achieving outstanding results and commitment in multiple business competitions and challenges during university. This award is given to the one student (out of 500) who scores the most points in the Bangor Employability Award. I attended B-Enterprising activities since my first year including the free one-to-one business mentoring sessions, or master-classes and workshops such as ‘How to be a Consultant’. I took advantage of enterprise opportunities in other business challenges and competitions including IBM Universities Business Challenge (reached semi-finals twice), Enterprise by Design (Winner), CIMA Global Business Challenge, FLUX 14 (Runner up), and Bloomberg Investment Competition. Moreover, I achieved this award while studying in the UK, a new country and culture for me. I obtained a First Class degree, and was one of the top performing graduates.

Participating in course-related activities and competitions gave me an excellent opportunity to improve my skills and differentiate myself from other competitors in the job market. As most of the competitions were team-based, I developed my team-working and communication skills. As a team leader I gained leadership and negotiation abilities.

The Vice Chancellor of Bangor University emphasised on my achievements during the graduation ceremony

Santander Universities

January, 2014 - April, 2014

Enterprise by Design, Bangor University

Winner of the competition

The Enterprise by Design is an innovative multi-disciplinary course, combined with a challenge to develop business-focussed creativity. Our task was to develop a new, innovative packaging for Dr. Zigs' (a Welsh entertainment toys manufacturer) in just 10 weeks. My team and me won this competition, as our solution was considered the most innovative, and communicated best the product use through its form.

This challenge helped me to understand how a business works and how to develop a new product. The experience and knowledge I gained are incomparable to any other competition, as you can develop in more than one aspect. I was responsible for the business side of the challenge, which allowed me to interact and negotiate with potential suppliers and manufacturers. I developed my creativity skills, as I had to design a new bottle and a new packaging. In addition, I have improved written and oral communication skills, as I had to pitch our idea, and write a business proposal.

Apart from my team winning the first place, I received the prize for Excellence in Enterprise from a Business perspective. This was awarded to the one business student who managed to provide the most detailed and complete business plan.

Bubble Challenge for Enterprise by Design article

Enterprise by Design

April, 2014

FLUX Business Competition

Runner up in the final

I represented Bangor University at Flux 2014, in a team of six students. FLUX is the higher education sector’s largest annual competition to encourage entrepreneurship and bridge the gap between education and work. Twelve universities took part in this competition. We had 24 hours to solve a novel business and community focused problem before presenting it to a panel of expert judges. Last year's challenge was set by Costain, with networking, research, and team work being paramount. We have managed to reach the second place with our innovative, long-term solution. What made our idea stand out was that we approached a global perspective, more specifically, we considered all the factors that could influence the outcomes of our solution.

My role in the team was to prepare and present the financial aspects of the solutions. During the 24 hours, I had to do sustainability and market research, as well as a feasibility analysis for our short and long-term solutions. The judges received my analyses very well, as they were confident that our solutions were feasible and sustainable.

Enterprising Bangor Students’ FLUX Success


February, 2014 - April, 2014

Bloomberg Investment Competition

Representing Bangor University in the 2014 Bloomberg Investment Competition

The Bloomberg Investment Competition is a national investment competition where students contributed their investment ideas over the course of five weeks and competed to achieve the overall highest return on their portfolio.I have not won the competition, but ended on profit, that turned out to be quite a performance.
I learnt more about trading, how to use Bloomberg terminal, and developed my technical and fundamental analysis knowledge.


October, 2013 - March, 2014

IBM Universities Business Challenge

Team Leader - Reached Semi-finals stage

The Universities Business Challenge Worldwide is the world’s longest established and leading undergraduate simulation-based competition designed to develop employability and enterprise skills.

As a team of five students, we acted as the managers of a manufacturing company. Our task was to take decisions (such as how much to produce, selling prices and how much to invest in marketing) for this company in an efficient way and obtain as much profit as possible.

I am very proud that I managed to lead my team to the semi-finals of the competition. It was hard, challenging, and I am very satisfied that I managed to achieve this result. I realised how is crucial to be able to motivate your employees or team members in order to succeed.

This experience helped me to develop my leadership skills, by coming up with ideas as well as being receptive to the ideas of others. It was a great opportunity to work in a team and build on personal skills too. A lot was learnt that can be carried forward to a real business environment, from making strategic decisions to working under strict time management.


November, 2013 - December, 2013

TARGETjobs National Student Challenge

Reached Grand Final

TARGETjobs National Student Challenge is an intelligence test competition, where I reached the final stage, because of completing four online psychometric tests and ranking amongst the top 50 students out of more than 1300. During the final stage, I successfully completed multiple group exercises similar to the ones in the assessment centre stage of the job application process.

Skills and Languages

I have developed my tenacity, quantitative and analytical skills and improved my written and oral communications skills while working on daily tasks during internships and business competitions. I am a fast learner and hardworking individual with a demonstrated ability to effectively and independently manage and organise projects. I have excellent problem solving skills, being able to swiftly identify problems and work tirelessly towards an efficient and innovative solution. I have a drive to succeed, perform above expectations and I am always looking to improve.


BAT Bloomberg Assessment Test


I scored 620/800 at the BAT Bloomberg Assessment Test, and my performance was better than 98% of all the other candidates who took the same test.


Bloomberg Terminal

Intermediate, 2 years

Particiapted in the Bloomberg Investment Competition; Obtained Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) qualification with 80%


Database Design and Programming (MySQL)

Intermediate, 2 years

I have gained the Database Design and Programming (MySQL) certificate from Oracle



Intermediate, 5 years

I have learnt HTML during High School, and since then I have used it frequently during various website projects.



Native speaker